Hi there,

I am Awsan, a designer with a passion for problem solving and making the world more beautiful.

My career began rebranding local small businesses, eventually finding my way to some app development start-ups. That’s where I got hooked on UX/UI.

Eventually, I went to Miami Ad School, where I learnt more about digital design from and with professionals, in fields such as advertising, branding, and product design. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working on a number of projects from websites and apps, to new products and advertising campaigns.

My Resume

A Startup Mindset

I feel fortunate to have had experience in startups, where I built a foundation of the start-up mindset. It includes learning by doing, understanding the importance of good research, using insights and data, and the amazing feeling of being a part of a team driven by passion.

Attention To Detail

As a digital designer, I understand the importance of consistency, as well as the value of all elements, down to the smallest detail. I believe that can make all the difference in bringing any work to the fullest potential.

Research Driven

I believe that good research is the foundation of all good work, and a big open door to learn and grow. And most importantly, the first step for creating tangible smart solutions for any given problem.

Receptive to feedback

As a team player, I believe a very integral part of being a part of the team is to participate in feedback sessions with an open mind, so I can always bring the best version of myself and contribute to the team.

Low maintenance

Your trust in me means a lot, and it fuels my work.I love what I do and always strive for the best, and that allows me to do great work at an efficient pace.