Postershop is a smartphone app that offers advanced editing features for users, allowing endless opportunities for creativity. It has everything from filters and effects, to a layering system. PosterShop delivers all these tools within an intuitive user experience.

App Store: Results:
  • Quantitative:
  • We increased app downloads by 50% on average, reaching nearly 1M+ downloads.
  • Quantitative:
  • We redesigned the app, and implemented new features fit for future expansions.
UX/UI Designer


  • User Experience:
  • Working with the team to simplify the complex usability of the app with smart solutions.
  • User Interface:
  • Keeping up with the latest design trends, and creating customizable and intuitive UI.
  • Graphic Design:
  • Working on background packages to support app usability and profitability.


As a design app with an open door for creative control many features were developed. While this is a big USP for the app, the limitations of a smartphone screen made usability intimidating.


Template Auto-Designer
The Auto-Designer feature allows users to get a start on auto-generated typography for the available background templates. This allows for a more structured usability, and sort of an onboarding for the app’s complex features.
Customizable features
PosterShop offers full creative control that's dependable to users. This is made possible by features allowing the user to use layers, import backgrounds from gallery or from existing templates, create and modify shapes.
Save Feature
High quality usability with features is essential for any effective software in a creative field. An important part of Postershop's mission is to offer users the opportunity to be creative, with room for mistakes. The user can save projects for backups or to edit later.