Valsight is a performance management software that transforms businesses within their financial planning and forecasting processes by simulating scenarios and financial models easily and spontaneously. Valsight has clients ranging from startups to DAX companies.

Live Project: Performance:
  • New Website Launch:
  • We launched a new website for Valsight that best reflect it’s values and mission.
  • Web Design:
  • Through Minimal Design, the software’s intricacies can be easily understood.
User Experience Design Intern
  • Web Editing:
  • Working with the UX/UI team in the implementation of new pages according to Valsight’s new Design Guide
  • Beta Testing:
  • Working with the development team for a successful launch.
  • Graphic Design:
  • Working alongside the design team to finalize the website’s illustrations and visuals.

Modern Design For Modern Values

As a B2B service, Valsight values staying informed and up-⁠to-⁠date with the latest news and updates in the business.
That is reflected through their website.

New Website Launch

Minimal Design
Communicating complex functionality in a simplified more effective manner is an important part of what Valsight offers, a modern minimal design style is a perfect representation.
Seamless Navigation
Valsight values easy navigation on their website, especially considering the amount of content that is available to the user throughout all pages. This is reflected in more than one way, including info cards for new relevant information.
Content Center
The website is consistently updated with new, engaging, and relevant content to grow businesses and improve financial performance. Users can also find informative interviews with industry names and the latest seminars.