DasWeltAuto is an international E-Commerce platform for certified pre-owned vehicles by Volkswagen. Spanning over 12 different markets, the platform enables users to find the perfect vehicle for their individual needs, through multiple features.

Live Project: Performance:
  • Features:
  • We implemented and optimized features for all 12 markets, assisting in conversion rates.
  • Data Insights:
  • We made data-backed UX decisions for each market based on user needs for more intuitive user journeys.
User Experience Design Intern
  • User Experience:
  • Concepting new features and optimizing performance for the platform via UX practices.
  • User Research:
  • Researching design trends, competitors, and conducting user interviews.
  • Data & Analytics:
  • Building analytics dashboards, extracting insights from data, and presenting tangible solutions.

User-Centric Approach

DasWeltAuto takes a user-centric approach for their platform. With the idea of guiding the user to find the perfect used vehicle for their needs.


Quick & Advanced Filter
On the search page, available vehicles can be filtered according to the user's preferences, with options such as Model, body type, fuel, and price, all from within a user-friendly interface that gives the user full control.
Vehicle Comparison
While browsing the vehicle cards on the platform, the user is able to add vehicles to the favorites list, or to compare them to each other in the comparison page to find the perfect one.
Information Center
DasWeltAuto answers any inquires regarding the purchase of a certified pre-owned vehicle, along with detailed information about all the available services, enabling the user to utilize the platform to it's fullest potential.

Tracking & Analytics

Data-based UX

By tracking how users interact within the platform, insights can be derived to improve user experience. Success rates can also be tracked over time.
This is especially effective when working multiple different markets.

Data Tracking User behavior collected in detail, including: number of clicks, time spent on pages, visits and visitors, purchases and conversions, and interactions with any tracked elements.
Deriving Insights With creative use of tracking, insights about performance, as well as keeping track of goals with dashboards was done. There's also the capacity to dive deeper into specific user journeys and explore what goes on there.
Visualization These insights can be visualized into simple and digestible presentations for the team and stakeholders, and used to optimize user experience with smart solutions.