Postershop Mobile App

PosterShop is a smartphone app that offers advanced editing features for users, allowing endless opportunities for creativity. It has everything from filters and effects, to a layering system. PosterShop delivers all these tools within an intuitive user experience.

  • Graphic Design
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • UX/UI Research
  • Prototyping
  • Branding
  • Digital Designer
Live project Agency
Overcoming Limitations

PosterShop takes on the challenge of presenting complex tools with easy usability, overcoming the limitations of the smartphone screen, all within a user-friendly interface and customizable graphics.

High quality usability with features is essential for any effective software in a creative field. An important part of PosterShop's mission is to offer users the opportunity to be creative, within simple and shareable social media images, by Implementing the right features, in the right way.
PosterShop offers full creative control that's dependable to users. This is made possible by features allowing the user to use layers, import backgrounds from gallery or from existing templates, save projects to edit later, and create and modify shapes.
With typography being the major part of what the app is for, users can do a lot within the text boxes. There are more than 300 English/Arabic fonts available for users to choose from, with the option of importing their own fonts. As for the typography, users can transform it with full control, from applying shadow, stroke, and different opacity, to creating and using available gradients on it.
In addition to full creative control, the app also provides filters and effects. Users can choose between 19 modifiable professional photo effects, and control of 6 photo filters including brightness, contrast, saturation, sepia, hue, and invert, for personalization.