Hi! I'm Awsan.

A UX/UI Designer

I convert complex concepts into intuitive user experiences for your users.

My Resume
CODE University

CODE is the first accredited startup University in Berlin that has a unique hands-on approach to teaching. This made it a hub and birthplace for some very successful startups.

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DasWeltAuto is Volkswagen's certified pre-owned car e-commerce platform that extends to 12 different markets.

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A startup based in Berlin, Valsight provides an agile performance management software.

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Case Studies


core skills

User Centric Approach

Utilizing empathetic design thinking to not only solve the user’s pain points, but also to understand them to the point where I understand their relationship with the product fully.

Research Driven

Keeping track of performance within any time period for current and future improvements. Data-Based UX is growing into passion of mine.


I was fortunate to have worked in great teams, where I got to know great people in the business, observed how they work, and learnt from them.

Attentive to detail

Storytelling within shapes, colors, and typography, pixel perfect consistency, all the details matter.

Full circle process

All the pieces that come together to make things happen. I’ve come to realize the importance of understanding these the full circle process as a designer.


Awsan is highly motivated, a quick learner, and a smart creative that became a respected member of the team quickly. He was always able to get into complex tasks, has a great way of including data insight into his work, and always delivered excellent results.

Richard Pietsch

Director Experience Design
@ Argonauten GmbH
Awsan has actively participated in and positively contributed to projects for various clients at different stages including pitches and launches. Awsan never fails to show interest, inquisitiveness and enthusiasm in any situation and is a fun, interesting and intelligent asset to any team!

Bia Soares

UX/UI Designer
@ Argonauten GmbH
Awsan is a very friendly and motivated person and wants to work and help the team by putting his hands on. I liked his consistently positive attitude and interest for the project. He could work with agil project tools and learn new things very fast.

Sandra Ganguin

Senior UI Designer
@ Argonauten GmbH